Good Life

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    Good Life

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Summer Is Here

and I'm excited to play!   

Send me an email if you have a backyard, living room, festival or any other place where I can serve up music- flying solo or with my magical music friends- and help us all remember what we're here for: CONNECTION.  


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Allow me to introduce myself

I'm Barb Murphy, a Folk/Rock singer-songwriter based in San Francisco. Some folks around here just call me Barb.

I blend my favorite parts of folk, country, rock, and blues into original music that I sing, sometimes solo and sometimes with my magical music friends. You can also find me singing cover songs under the name "Call Me, Barb"  and with the not-so-ordinary trio, Ricky Bobby. 

Through my songwriting, I love to explore the beauty of friendship, the intricacies of love and loss and the wonder and curiosity we each possess that drives us forward into the unknown. 

Life is a series of fabulous surprises and impossible challenges, and music helps us navigate the heartaches, face the doubts, chase the dreams and embrace the whole mess with style. I hope my music sings you into a better mood, lifts your spirits or serves as the soundtrack for whatever it is you need to feel.